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Matt Klein

Exclude weekends from number of days between dates?

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Does anyone have an elegant and efficient calculation for getting the number of days between two days EXCLUDING weekends? I have an old calculation that I used way back in the FM3-FM6 era, but I imagine there is a much better, efficient calculation out there.

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You could do


and subtract 2 days for each week if the number of days ≥ 7

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Is there a topic, or any reference here about date filters and agorithms?

The question above (excluding weekends) is related with date samplers. As far as I know, date filters or algorithms are typically used for obtaining the required time series variations in fee and commission calculations like:

  • month-end data
  • quarterly month-end averages
  • monthly data with maximum value of the month
  • quarter-end data with search-backwards method if the last day of quarter is not available

I have no idea how one could implement date filters and algorithms with filemaker. Anyway, I am planning to write an article about the mathematics of this issue. Any comments or quations are very much appreciated, so that I can consider them in my article.





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