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Server 12 & Containers

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Just found this by Wim Decorte: What you have in mind won't work with just the native features of FM12: when you host a file, the path to its container data is always a subfolder of the folder where the FM file itself is.

This answers my question below, but I will leave it here in the event someone else needs the answer.

I think this may be a Server question so I will post it here.

We purchased FMA12 and were super excited about the ability to store images outside the database. We put in a 3tb hd and called it Z: in my work station.

We had our container images going to Z: and all was grand as the db was remaining small in size. We decided to give server 12 a shot.

We put a Z: drive in the server just as I had in my workstation and moved the db to the server. The container storage does not seem to work the same on the server.

In the Manage Containers option there is one option, [hosted location]/Z/Containers and I cannot change the directory as everything is greyed out.

And, if I add a photo to the db I cant seem to find where it is being stored. It is not going to any folders on any Z: drive either local or on the network, so I assume that they are being added directly to the db.

Have I missed something in migrating the db to the server and not being able to send the container images to the Z: drive for storage?

Is this something to do with the server and a hosted file?


Jim Haney

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