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Hi, ive made a database using ODBC, i have it uploaded to my Filemaker server (Hosted on a windows 2008 server) what are the "few extra steps after configuration" that i have to do to get it to work, or do i not use ODBC?

Thanks in advance,


EDIT: i also get this error during config. that is preventing me from using my external database. (the external table is called Availability and the primary key is MIRRORSYNCID) how do i fix this?


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Hello Jafacakes,

That error message is happening when MirrorSync verifies your configuration is ready for MirrorSync. It seems that MirrorSync is unable to complete the validation of the file, but it should not affect the synchronization. At that point, MirrorSync is looking at the primary keys and modification timestamps to ensure that the primary keys are unique, being generated, and have no duplicates. It is also checking the modification time stamp to ensure that field is set correctly as well. MirrorSync may not have the appropriate access to your tables to complete this check in it's entirety.

The extra steps include stripping the offline file's references to external data sources. As it is an ESS table, an exact offline copy of the file will always attempt to contact the SQL table. After you have walked through the configuration utility, MirrorSync instructs you to download a copy of the file. Do so, but refrain from running the sync script yet. Open this offline file, and make these modifications to this copy only (not the hosted file on the server!)

  1. First, delete the data source. This is vital to preventing duplicate records and other artifacts of using ESS. Open File > Manage > External Data Sources and delete the OBDC data source.
  2. Next, open the File > Manage > Database and navigate to the Tables tab. Copy any ESS tables. Then delete them. Make sure NOT to delete the table occurrences. After all the italicized tables are gone, paste the tables back in. This ensures they are local FileMaker files, not references to external data.
  3. Make sure the primary keys and modification timestamps are correct. The primary key needs to be an auto-entered serial number or generated UUID.
  4. Open the relationships tab in the File > Manage > Database and relink any missing tables.
  5. You can now distribute this file for synchronization to your users. Make a copy of this file and send it to each user who needs a copy. These copies are then ready for synchronization.

I hope this helps. Feel free to contact me with any further questions!

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Hi Jafacakes,

Looking at the error code - 117 - it states that the data source is not available. Perhaps the reference or file has been moved or changed? Can you check on the hosted file that the external tables are in fact accessible and the DSN is configured correctly on the server?

Thank you,


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Ok thanks for all of the help so far, I am up to the steps after configuration, but i cant do step 2 on file maker pro, i need Filemaker advanced to do this, i dont want to pay for Filemaker pro adv at the moment because im just using it to evaluate whether or not its worth investing in, is there a way to do it without Filemaker pro adv or is there a way to get Filemaker pro adv trial, if i get the trial through the fm website it just takes me to the Filemaker pro trial,

thanks in advance for all of the help.

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