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Recipe Used in a Recipe

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I have a food cost app with three primary tables: Inventory/ingredients, recipes, menus. Where I am stuck is when a recipe needs to be used in another recipe.

In the recipe table there is a portal to recipe_child which are ingredients. I want another table back into Recipe_parent. Here are a couple of examples:

Hamburger: 4 oz Hamburger

1 ea Bun

1 ea Condiments

Cheeseburger: 1 ea Hamburger

1 sl Cheese

ChiliBurger: 1 ea Hamburger

2 oz Chili

I have a Recipe TO related to Recipe2 TO with the Portal to look in Recipe2. That is not working. What am I overlooking?

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See if this helps:


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That did help. But then other opportunities developed. I had to expand an inventory item so that the purchase size/qty is noted, then how it breaks down into an inventory level. Which then breaks down to the ingredient level.

Recipes need a usage unit. These are a lot of fields to be added since the record structure is the same item. I am still working through it. I have to flag inventory items vs assembled units so I can print count sheets.

And before I add an inventory item I search for the product SKU not being in the table already.

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