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James Gill

Cannot get simple ExecuteSQL Query to run

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I'm relatively new to SQL but I'm pretty experienced in Filemaker. Because of the addition of the ExecuteSQL command, I'm judging whether or not to move a solution that I'm currently working on over to FM12 so that I can potentially simply the ERD but I'm having trouble even getting a relatively simple ExecuteSQL calculation to run without error.

Basically, I have a table in my solution called ITAssignments that contains an text field called "id and a text field called "Who". I created a TO dedicated to the IT Assignments called SQL_ITAssignments

Here's my query:

ExecuteSQL ( "


FROM SQL_ITAssignments

WHERE Who = James"

; "" ; ¶ )

Unfortunately it returns a "?" and I'm not sure why...

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You need single quotes for the text string

ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT id FROM SQL_ITAssignments WHERE Who = 'James'" ; "" ; "" )

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