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Error 500

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I'm trying to make a search of a date range.

I can make of the last 2 months, the next 3, last 3, but doesn't work if i get into a month of the last year or the next one.


Month ( Get ( CurrentDate ) ) - 5 & "..." & Month ( Get ( CurrentDate ) ) WORKS, it shows the last 6 month period.

But if I want last 9 months it doesn't.

Month ( Get ( CurrentDate ) ) - 8 & "..." & Month ( Get ( CurrentDate ) )

The script shows 500 error.

This seems to work only for the current year.

Could anyone tell me what am I doing wrong or where the problem is?

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What about:

Date ( Month ( Get ( CurrentDate ) ) - 8 ; 1 ; Year ( Get ( CurrentDate ) ) )

& "..." &

Get ( CurrentDate )

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The problem is that while Filemaker will gladly translate criteria entered as "3..8" into "3/*/2012..8/*/2012" (if using m/d/y date format), it doesn't know what to do with numbers outside the 1..12 range.

Try something like Daniele's suggestion - which he posted while I was writing the above...

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