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Error from server: 802: "Unable to open file"

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Hi all, I am getting this error with my MirrorSync database:

Error from server: 802: "Unable to open file" - Check to make sure that the database file is hosted on FileMaker Server, and that the 'fmxml' extended privilege is enabled for your privilege set. (JDBC URL: jdbc:fmp360://localhost/mirrorsyncess, SSL: false / SQL statement: SELECT * FROM "dbo.Contracts" WHERE -script=MirrorSync AND -script.param=startSync)

I am connecting to a server not on local host but for some reason it says "fmp360://localhost/mirrorsyncess" I don't know if this is relevant but if so then good, I do have all privileges enabled on my set the database is on a filemaker server and is successfully configured to MirrorSync Does anyone have any idea how to fix this as I don't wish to remake the database to find out as i spent a lot of time and effort on it.

Thanks in advance for all of your help,


Just some more Info,

i tried making a new one where i connect it to an ess then i am going through mirrorsync config and im at step: primary key and mod timestamp mapping, for some reason i get the same error.


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