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ODBC Client returns a HY000 - Unknown Error

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I've written an .NET client using ODBC to connect to a fp5 on a remote FM 5.5 server.


After opening FM 6 on the same PC as the .NET client and opening the fp5 remotely, the first action by the .NET client application (whether it be an INSERT or UPDATE) seems to take a very long time (3-4 minutes) before returning an ODBC exception - HY000-Unknown error. The .NET client catches the exception and displays a message box to the user. The user clicks OK and if there are more records in the batch to process it continues with no further errorrs.


The outcome for the first record attempted is not certain...sometimes the record is inserted/updated successfully (after a long wait), other times no action occurs and occassionally a partial or empty record in written if the action is to INSERT. Subsequent records in the first batch are always updated/inserted correctly with no delays or errors. And, as long as I keep the remote fp5 file open on the client PC and connected, any subsequent batches of records are update/inserted with no issues.


Any ideas why the OBDC driver seems to hang on the first operation to be performed (after opening the remote fp5)?


Thanks in advance!



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