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Summarizing related records without using a portal?


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Not sure what the right forum for this question is, but here goes.


I am developing a home owner association solution.  I have tables for homeowners and addresses, each with uids so I can relate them.  That's all working.


Now I want to add support for mailing lists.  An address may be in one or more mailing lists.  The relationship between addresses and mailing lists is many-to-many so I have created a join table containing address uid and mailing list uid.


When  I display a homeowner I display all their addresses (may be more than one) in a portal.  For each address I want to display a list of mailing list names that address is on.  E.g., "ListA, ListB, ListX" if on those three lists.  This would be a read-only text field listing the mailing list names and would not be editable.


Is there a way to make a calculated field in the Address record that is a summary of the linked-to mailing list names?  Or what would be a good approach to achieving this appearance?




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The relationship exists, regardless if there is a portal or not.


If you have Addresses --< JoinTable >-- MailingLists


then a calc field in Addresses defined as

Substitute ( List ( MailingLists::mailingListName ) ; ¶ ; ", " )

would give the desired result, i.e. a string of the mailing lists the address is in. 

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This topic is 2586 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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