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Scripted Exporting of Container Fields Image

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How can I get FM Pro Go to auto export a container field's image to the base computer running Filemaker 13.

Text fields sync automatically. Container fields seem to require some extra steps.


In Filemaker Go, the client takes a picture by tapping the container field, the 'insert from device' launches the camera app. How can I get the image automatically save/exported? Currently, I have to re-tap the field to save/export the image so Filemaker 13 gets in sync with Filemaker Go.


I tried 'Export Field Contents'. This script step seems to automatically launch the export screen. If the client take a picture in the camera app (insert from device), and he/she want to use the image, seems that filemaker should just export the image with the extra step, no? Everything stays in sync with a minimum of client steps


What script step do I need?


Many thanks :)


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It sounds like you could just use the following script to grab from camera:

Insert from Device [ MyTable::MyPic; Type: Camera; Camera: Back; Resolution: Full ]
Commit Records/Requests [ Skip data entry validation; No dialog ]

The script could be attached to a button on the layout, or to the container field itself so that when it is tapped it runs….


The commit records step will save it and it will be visible on the server copy…. I'm assuming you are using a live connection to the server from FileMaker Go….


Hope this helps...

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