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Record is being Modified in another Window

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I have a very simple Script sequence that is going to a Related Record via a portal row button.  The problem that I'm encountering is that (seemingly randomly), the user will be presented with an error message stating that 'This record is being modified in another window' when they attempt to modify a field in the related record in a new Window.  I say seemingly random because the only way that I am able to reliably reproduce this issue is if I completely close out of the solution, go to the original record in question, and then click the button to take me to the related record.  If I close the new window and click the button again, everything works fine.  Obviously this is not the only time that this is happening, it's just the only time that I'm able to actually reproduce it.


I've never encountered this issue before and it's driving me up the wall.  I use GTRR in New Window very liberally, using the same technique over and over, yet this one layout is the only place that I'm encountering this problem.  Committing the Record prior to the GTRR solves the issue but because the user is clicking via a sorted portal, this messes with the record that they end up on and is thus not an option.  Any suggestions?


Here's a picture of the script in question


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This topic is 2938 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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