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Security on Multiple Runtimes in same folder


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i am using the Safenet HASP system to protect a filemaker solution that i have written and is being distributed.  There are 3 different runtime solutions that need to be created independently of each other because each is protected by the hardware USB key differently.


Runtime1 is a menu system that calls the other two runtime solutions, and is not protected at all by the key.


Runtime2 is a solution which may be run a limited number of times before another subscription fee must be paid (INSTANCE protection)


Runtime3 is a solution which may be run for the current month (TIME protection).


Problem....i want all three of these runtimes to reside in the same folder. But when i create the runtimes separately and test them, they all run fine. When i copy/paste all files from the three runtime folders and put them all in the same folder, no matter which EXE file i open, they all open the same solution.


Each runtime is created using different bind keys.


FMPro 10 Advanced, Windows 8


thank you in advance for your help and suggestions.


don hall at shaw dot ca

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k, i figured out a solution...


1. i created the main (menu system) runtime, and put all the those files into a folder called runtime1folder (for example).

2. i created subfolder in that folder (called runtime2folder, for example)

3. i created the runtime2 solution, and put all those files into that folder.

4. went back to runtime1 folder and created another subfolder called runtime3folder.

5. i created the runtime3 solution, and put all those files into the runtime3folder.


of course, i had created scripts in the runtime1 (menu) to point to the appropriate runtimes in the appropriate subfolders.


i don't think it's the most elegant solution, but it works great!


i still welcome suggestions on a more elegant way to do this!!


thank you

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The real questions here are whether this system actually provides the protection you believe it does and how easily it might be thwarted.


FileMaker® Pro 10 is vulnerable to any number of attacks that could be utilized to run these solutions independently of the process you have put in place.  For example, how tightly tied to the internal Identity & Access Management and Privilege Settings is this system? Could removing the runtime engine and then using a copy of FIleMaker Pro itself to attempt to open the files succeed in bypassing or ignoring the system put in place?



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To run multiple runtime solutions at the same time, you have to give them unique file extensions.  To get my last employer to adopt FileMaker Pro, I created several runtimes that provided tools for those of us in Accounts Payable.  I created in Mac but made Windows runtimes.  I used extensions *.th1 *.th2 *.th3

Then I could use all at one time.

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This topic is 2922 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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