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Save PDFs to external storage from FMGo?

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I have a hosted solution to generate Invoices (among other things).


I am looking for a way for these exported Invoices to then be available from outside the FileMaker solution - for example, Google Drive, Dropbox, or an FTP location or something like that.


I have tried with the Google Drive app, and that allows me to manually select to open the created PDF in Google Drive, in turn uploading it. I am looking to automate this process, and also allow different files to go to different folders.


My thoughts are that when I create the $filename variable, I can enter the Google Drive or Dropbox app location, instead of Get ( TemporaryPath ) or Get ( DocumentsPath )? But when I look at these variables they are alphanumeric key's similar to the Get ( UUID ), so unsure how I would go about building that variable location.


Has anyone achieved something like this before?



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That key is built by the app once it is stored.



Some reading might be required... but theoretically possible to gdrive



and dropbox



you will need to use some plugin to achieve this stuff, but can be done on the server without a doubt

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Integration with Dropbox is definitely possible using their APIs. I've done it using ScriptMaster, but am not at liberty to share the code. GoogleDrive would also be possible, though i've not done it.

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This topic is 2918 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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