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New estimate fields into invoices... failure thus far.

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I'm new to filemaker after looking forever for the correct software and finding it didn't exist.

So I took the plunge and decided I would modify FM starting point using FM13, which for us is a brilliant solution.

Thanks to this forum I have just about every aspect worked out including getting the server up and running but...


I've included some new fields in the estimate portal but cannot work out for the life of me (after forum searching, subscribing to Lynda and watching the filemaker relationships course and buying a book) how to get them to relate and insert to the invoices.


Would be very grateful for any advice and help.


A great forum, without as much of trolling as normal. 

Keep up the good work and thanks in advance for any help.



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So to confirm... when you press the "Move to Invoices"...you want these fields to move to invoices.  Right?  I want to confirm this before I explain it all.  I'll probably have to shoot a movie on it.


It seems you purchased the wrong training course. 


- RC

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Ok... I just shot a video on this topic.  It will be Video # 0210.  I can send you the RAW cut... as a gift... if you message me privately.   The raw cuts are just that.... pretty raw... lacking all the cool animations, etc that are normally part of the videos... with some 4 letter words, etc... for extra spice.  I make no warranties... about the overall quality of the raw video... but it should be pretty instructional.


If you people thought my regular videos are entertaining... the outtakes are off the hook!  :laugh2:  :laugh2:  :laugh2:  :laugh2:  :laugh2:


However... I shot this specifically because of your post above!   It will go to the public in a week or 10 days... with all the animations...and with cleaner dialog.



- RC

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This topic is 3211 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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