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Integrating FMEasySync

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By Matt Petrowsky

Having recently arrived at the need for a syncing solution for a pro bono database, my options were pretty much limited to “create your own” or use what’s free.

It turns out that FMEasySync, from Tim Dietrich, is very robust and powerful syncing solution. In fact, it was awarded the FileMaker Excellence Award for FBA Development of the Year in 2014 by FileMaker, Inc. It has also been integrated into a few of FileMaker’s own solutions, such as the Devcon Speaker Proposal database.

There are a number of developers using the solution, and its attention factor is on the rise.

As with all solutions and techniques created within FileMaker, the integration process is what will take you the most amount of time. The first time takes the longest, and once you’re familiar, you can typically reduce the time by quite a bit.

My problem has always been opening the source files, then figuring out where to start and what to do next. The answer to that problem has always been a step-by-step document.

Well, Tim provided that on his web site, but, I wanted something easier - and faster. So, with a small investment of time, I created a new tool called fmRecipes. It uses the freely available Base Elements plug-in in order to work with all the various copy and pasteable code. I reduced the amount of time for integration by quite a lot and can now integrate FMEasySync in record time.

Watch this video and use the fmRecipes database (available to subscribers) to quickly integrate FMEasySync into your own solution!


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Hello Bob,


ISO magazine provides a place for feedback on their site as long as you are signed in. I’m sure that Matt would appreciate your comment there too.


He used to monitor our site for a lot of different reasons, but I don’t think he does it of late.


By the way, welcome to the FM forums.



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This topic is 3204 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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