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Some how my main layout is minimizing itself?

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I am using a modified Filemakers Expense Report Template for my own changing it some


The report expense details page layout is forward, on the top right is a report button that show expenses reported  bring up  another new window stepping through the lines of code..


When I click report,  it minimizes my Expense Report Layout and showing the preview of the report expense...  then  forcing me to maximizes report Expense Layout to continue


I found, If I then drag the edge of my report expense layout maximizing it....

now clicking on report button leaves the expense report layout maximized


How to i keep my layout max

Hope that explanation suffices or i need to make a quick video of this behavior


Whats going on?  


Thanks  and happy new years you all


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You cant have your main window maximized, in Windows, or the second window that pops up will force this to happen.  Make sure any script triggers, especially OnFirstWindowOpen, or any script steps that modify window size, don't have a step that maximizes the window. 

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