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Toolbar Hiding Unexpectedly


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I'm having one of those glitches where I think I'm going mad.


I have a simple Script that runs on opening a file that takes the user to the main layout, and includes a  "Show/Hide Toolbars [show]" step.  it has always behaved as expected.  I've just finished adding a bunch of layouts / features for an iPad Go interface, so I have the start up script sensing what platform we're on and going to the appropriate layout. This is one of the first things I did, and the start-up script behaved well throughout the first 3 iterations of my new design. (I save successive 'Builds' so I can go back to a previous milestone if I screw things up.)


Now with the whole solution completed, for some mysterious reason I cannot fathom, when I open the file on my desktop computer, the StartUp script behaves normally except that it doesn't SHOW the Toolbar!  The start-up script hasn't been changed, and the exact same script works properly in a previous Build.


-- There are a couple of Script triggers on the Layout, but they have not been changed

-- After opening the file (no toolbar showing), if I manually re-trigger the 'Start-Up' script, it appropriately positions the window *and* successfully shows the Toolbar!  SO I don't think the issue is with the Start-Up script.

--With the toolbar showing, if I navigate around the solution, I never experience a sudden hiding of the toolbar.


SO -- if it isn't Script-related (either start-up or layout triggers) . . . what can it be?  I feel like there's some sort of setting somewhere I may have somehow changed?  What else can it possibly be?



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Hi Albert,


A file will open on the layout it was on when it was last modified.  It may quickly run an OnFirstWindowOpen or it might switch layouts (if specified in File Options) but it nonetheless starts where it left off.  So if you end on another layout which shows toolbar, that will be what it opens on.


When designing, it is always best to return to your opening layout, make some small layout change (I usually drag the opening heading up 1 px, hide tool bar, and then save the layout again.  This will then be the opening layout.

This behavior can only be observed if you've last designed on a heavy layout (lots of portals or aggregate - something which takes time to draw).  Without this lag, you may not notice it at all.  But it is critically important to be sure you are not loading related records or another file (because of dependency) needlessly so where it opens is important.

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Ah thanks ! -- your comments actually helped me get around to thew problem.  I have my startup script set to trigger 'On First Window Open' in the File Options, so that whatever Filemaker tries to do, it gets routed into my desired routine.


But what I hadn't noticed was that while developing I had for some reason or other checked the 'Switch to Layout' box leading to the iPad layout I was working on, which suppresses the toolbar.  Still not sure why the script wouldn't make it through the detour, but unchecking that feature has solved the problem.



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This topic is 2865 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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