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Portal in a Popover Problem

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I am working on a patient record DB.  To simplify text entry, I have a related Template table with fields displayed by a portal.  This relationship is global with:


Pt Record::key('1') ---->Template::key('1')


I want to provide the ability to quickly move blocks of text from a history text field to the Template text field to create a new template.  To do this, I have a popover that contains a portal to the Template table.  I hoped to be able to simply copy text, open the popover to a new Template record in the portal,  paste text, close and move on,  but I could not get this to work.


Thinking that it was a problem with the relationship, I created a second occurrence of the Template table


Patient Record:: Key ----->Template::PatientRecordKey


I created a portal with only one portal row showing (because of the size of the text field).   I was able to open the PO, create a new record in the portal and enter text as planned, however if I create more than one new Template from a patient record, I cannot get the portal to display only the new Template.  I can make it work with two rows, with a script to go to the last portal row, but the display is clunky with two large portal row blocks within the popover.  


I use the script below. 


I feel like I am making this too complicated.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated?


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This topic is 2861 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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