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Configuring External Server Authentication: Too Much Confusion

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Recently in another venue massive confusion apparently erupted about the processes needed to enable External Server Authentication (EA).  EA is a highly useful and very important feature of the FileMaker Platform.  I have written about it here on FM Forums extensively, including:




There is considerable confusion apparently about how to configure EA.  It is actually very simple to configure.  In the Security Tab of FileMaker Server Admin Console select the option for FileMaker and External Server Accounts, as shown:




And, then, depending on whether you’re using Domain Accounts or Local Accounts, be sure your server is properly joined to the Domain, or removed from it, respectively.


That’s it, other than setting appropriate Groups in the files and matching Groups on either the Domain Controller or the FileMaker Server machine.


A number of people seem to believe that the Server Admin Console settings for LDAP registration are part of this process.  They are not. Period.  The LDAP feature can be used to register the FileMaker Server on a LDAP server for easy location, especially on larger networks.  It works totally by itself. It is completely optional.  You can use it or not as required.  It has no bearing whatsoever on External Server Authentication.  It does not have to be configured for EA to work.




I hope this helps to clear up the confusion about these features and their relationship, or lack thereof.



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This topic is 2828 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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