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Mirror sync over Internet


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I did a trial on MirrorSync and it is working on LAN. But how do I sync over the WAN? At which part of the MirrorSync setup do I need to indicate this? Is it possible to sync both on LAN and WAN. Thanks.

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Where you specify the IP address of the FileMaker server, there's an option to specify that you have different internal and external IP addresses. Pick this option, and then enter the LAN address and the WAN address separately.

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Hi Jesse,


Thanks for your prompt reply. Actually I have successfully tested working well in my LAN environment. I have FM 13 server and I configure MirrorSync using LAN IP (192.168.x.x format) and I can follow all the steps to prepare the solutions. 


But I struggle with sync-ing over the WAN. I re-do the above for sync-ing over the WAN. Did not work. Maybe it is due to port forwarding or something else I did not do properly.


So I switch to another server.


The FM server ver. 12 is hosted at a data centre and is having a fixed IP address (e.g. and a hostname (e.g. abc.com). FM GO users can access to the solutions on this remote server via add host > or abc.com. 


I have installed MirrorSync on the Mac mini server. When prompted to login by MirrorSync, I enter the server address as (the public IP address), Mirrorsync admin /password. 


The license key saved. Currently no device registered.


Below is the response:


MirrorSync/FM server machines are  : The Same

External/Internal IP address are         : Different


                                Internal    External


Publishing Engine

Database server


Is the above correct?




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Hi Jesse


I did it. At least I can verify that the sync between iPad and the server copy  is working well (except error 509 when I create a new record on the iPad). Thanks for your support.


I am trying to do the same for another server but this server does not have a permanent IP, but instead using port forwarding (DDNS) to achieve that. I have registered a domain (abc.com) at dyndns,org and I have been using that for many months, via FM GO.


The question again is what should I enter for the server address (default : localhost) when MirrorSync prompting me to login? Is it my local IP (192.168.x.y) or the domain name (abc.com) that I registered with dyndns.org (since I do not have a permanent IP)? 

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This topic is 2820 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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