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How can I make a image I pasted in a container 'fit one full page to window'?


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I am looking for solutions to view this image

how can I add scroll or something so to preview without needing a plugin..


I am getting this image report via mail..

its height is taller than screen view so I capture the whole screen via Foxfire add-on fireShot.


Anyways its 1300px by 4500p


When I insert image via  right clicking pasting to the container field.   its so small i can't read it now

No matter how big my layout showing my container..  image is so small its unreadable

Thanks for some clues


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Hey Rod, I can think of 2 ways that might work for you. One would be to have a button to simply export the field contents then open up the image outside of filemaker. But if you don't want to leave filemaker you can export the image and then show it in a webviewer. I put together a little sample database that does both so you can see how it works. It works on Mac or Windows, but I haven't tested it on FilemakerGO. If you were using Filemaker 13 (Which according to your profile your not) you could use the new base64 encode function to show the image in the webviewer without exporting the image. Let me know if you have any questions, or if anyone else has a better way!



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my appreciation for the sample.. and ideas... 

need to get into this next.. thanks

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Wowie...    I like the external best.. i like using the scroll option to enlarge, more control than web-viewer option..  i guess its part of the OS,

  ..and since I have the image file in a folder anyways, i just need to control loading my container by referencing image,

and I have a  separate file by relationship not to over glut my main application ..should work


thanks for the sample

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This topic is 2814 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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