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Calculation to see if a time slot is effected by calendar items

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Having a problem getting my head around this.


I have 4 time slots that can be used to book interviews in.to our meeting room, which is used for other things by other people other than for interviewing.


I am builing a system so that users can allocate a timeslot to a candidate for an interview, but first I would like to query the calendar to make sure that the slots arent effected by other events in the calendar





These are the timeslots.


9:00 - 1030





So im thinking i have the following fields












Then in my Calendar items I have these fields.


ID: self generated serial





I could have a record in my calendar items database say from 8am to 12pm on 01/04/2015. This would effectively make Timeslotone and Timeslottwo unavailable.


I have tried to use the calcualtion count  to count related databases using > < but it doenst want to work.


File is attached


I would be grateful for any help





checking times.zip

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Use a self-join relationship where Date Matches and Time Matches. For the Time, you'll need some greater-than/less-than relationships to get the time overlapping correct. You can then see if there's a conflict immediately upon creation of the appointment.

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This topic is 3111 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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