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I am opening the suggestion box for thoughts and ideas as to re-arranging forums ( merging forums ) or creating new forums, updating forum titles descriptions or fixing any typos. 


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Hey Stephen,

Thanks, as always, for all that you do in maintaining this invaluable community resource!

One organizational change that I'd love to see would be moving away from a design that encourages Thread Starters to figure "well, I'm currently using (or learning!) version 14, so I suppose I'll ask my 'portal' (etc.) question there."  Nine times out of 10, it's a question that crosses version lines, not relating at all to the new features of said version.

I'm not certain of the best way to encourage posters to scroll down and find the more appropriate categorical forum; changing the title "FileMaker Pro 14 General Discussion" to something like "FileMaker Pro 14 New/Changed Features Discussion" may help a bit, and similarly for the other version-specific forums.

Granted, some posters, particularly those very new to the platform and feeling a bit lost, are probably unsure just where to post their questions, so a generic "FileMaker Pro General Questions: For questions that don't fall into another particular forum" category would probably still be helpful, but maybe would work best if it's positioned down the list a ways, below the more specific categorical ones.

- Just a thought.


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Thank you for the feedback - this is a work in progress, I have arranged a few things to group things together -

I am reviewing a tagging and prefix add on that will allow me to tag, each post in a form with either a function/feature or version before I merge some forums together.


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This topic is 2994 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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