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Deleting Log File

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Hi Jesse

I did not want to leave this on the other thread regarding the initial sync errors so thought that I would continue to ask questions on here as I do not seem to getting any replies via the ticket system responses as you remarked

You answered regarding the removal of the AuditLog directory:

It's a database of all every change made to every record on the hub - so it's inevitable that it will grow over time. We don't periodically clear it out, because we have no way of knowing whether somebody might try to sync a very old record and get a conflict, and we can only auto-merge those conflicting records if we have the audit log.

If you're not worried about users needing to manually resolve conflicts for records synced prior to today, I see no reason to keep that directory.

 And I had two questions on the back of this:

1) We sync only one way - from hub to spoke - so would there be any conflict in this scenario ?

2) Would users receive a sync error based around any conflicts ?

Sorry to be a pest but the site has not been syncing for two days now



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Many apologies for the 'bump' on this but I have a client chasing me for an update and a resolution

I just want to stop Mirrorsync and remove the log folder and then restart but I worry about the potential conflict resolution issue that was raised and it may just be that I am not understanding the point being made

The original advice from Jesse was:

It's safe to stop tomcat (using the c:Program
Files360Works360Admin.jar), trash the audit log directory, and then
start it back up. The only downside is that if there are record
conflicts from records synced prior to deleting it, those will need to

be manually resolved instead of automatically merged.

If I follow Jesse's advice, will users be able to sync again ?

When would a conflict occur which may require the older log data ?

Apologies for the 'doh' questions



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This topic is 3106 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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