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Help finding related records


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Hi can anyone please advise how to create a search script please:

I have a filemaker file which contains a field that always as 7 numbers i.e.: 0000314 i want to use this information to find records in another Filemaker File

whose field contains the full length code i.e.: 000314-04-23456

Any advise on the best way to archive this would be most welcome.

Thanks and happy Holidays to all!

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It's hard to tell what's the best way with so little to go on. If you need this often, why don't you define a relationship between the two tables, matching the 7-digit field with a calculation field in the other file =

GetValue ( Substitute ( FullCode ; "-" ; ¶ ) ; 1 )

The result type needs to be Text.

With this in place, you can use the Go To Related Record[] script step to"find" the matching records.

The other way is to call a script in the "other" file, and pass it the 7-digit value as the parameter - which the target field will then use to perform a find in the FullCode field.



  1. Probably just a typo, but "000314" is only 6 digits and will not match "0000314".
  2. I am not sure what you mean by "archive this" (perhaps "achieve" with auto-correct on?)


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Hi Comment,

Thank you for you're reply, you are correct the 000314 is a typo and also the spell checker changed the word achieve to archive.. sorry for the confusion.

To try and be clearer I have a filemaker pro file (A) which contains the full product code of 0000314-04-23456

in another Filemaker pro file (B) I have data which contains only the 0000314 section of that number, I am tying to find the best soloution so the I can

create a button/script that can locate data in file (A) from the Button/script placed in file (B)

Thank you for helping

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This topic is 2376 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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