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proper portal setup


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Hello All,

Apologies for basic questions.  I really wish that there was a FMPUG within driving distance...

I have a DB to track our farm animals, and have the recurring issues that us newbies have; how to track parentage.  

Issue # 1:  when I enter a sire or dam on an individual record, that animal (the sire or dam) also needs to be included in the database.

Issue #2: getting portals on a record to work properly.  The individual should be listed as a parent in the 'matings' portal, and the offspring should then be in the 'sheep' table.  I tried to use TOs to make this happen, but I think I have not linked them properly.

Issue #3: getting only male (ram) animals to appear in the appropriate dropdown value lists, and vice versa.

I have attached a snippet--I just pulled the structure (without fancy layout) with some sample data--from our DB of one of the many attempts to make this happen, in order to highlight the problem areas.

I really appreciate your input.  I have spent a great deal of time on this--perhaps my frustration is preventing me from seeing a correct approach.  Although the mental gymnastics are kinda fun...



practice DB.fmp12

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I took a look.  I think you would need to post a copy of the full database with some sample data to get help.  It's very complicated, the way you have it structured, and hard to work through the relationships without being able to see what's in the other tables.  Compounded by the fact that you have portal filters that can't be traced.

I think the relationships can be simplified with some join tables, but would need more info.

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This topic is 2369 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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