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Migrate data to an updated version.


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till now whenever any updates needed doing to my solution i would do it on the live file as not many users were using it at all the time therefore i could of put it off line when needed to updatze thing.

however as my solution and company are growing i can`t really afford that , i would like to know how i would be able to update easily  my live solution which contains the data with my updates which i now create on a cloned file.

please can someone help me out with this.

i tried using FMrefresh however fall into error.

please can anyone let me know of other similar plugins that do this service simply and smoothly.



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I don't know that there are (although I would be well pleased to be wrong about that)

After 18 years of developing, for _most_ systems, I now have two copies of every system, on different servers. One is the dev/test copy, the other the production copy. Both servers are backed up, checked etc on the same schedules. Once a month, the dev server gets refreshed with a backup copy from the production server - which gives it recent data, and checks that our backup regimes are doing what they should be doing.

Any change gets done on the dev server, tested and approved. It's then recreated on the production server - yes, this is double entry, but a lot can be copied/pasted. It's still a lot quicker and less intrusive than pulling everything down and reloading all the data.

A few systems are separation model, and generally these can have any interface changes done on the dev server, then we swap the interface file out when the changes are approved.

I'm not suggesting this is absolute best practice. Often we're working under deadlines, and most changes are not major structural work.

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This topic is 2340 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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