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Selecting a Window with floating windows

Steve Martino

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Hi Forum.  I had a question about how to select a window, when multiple windows are opened.  Brief explanation.

I am on a layout with 1 window open, called Delivery Management-regular document window.  I import records to this layout then open via script 2 more windows with information I need to look at while working in the first window.  Both of these are floating windows.  When the script ends (the 2nd and 3rd window open), I'm left on the 3rd window.  I would like to land on the first window so I can resume working.

What I tried, that didn't work for me:

1.  Select Window [Name: "Delivery Management"; Current file] // I made sure it was typed correctly by copying/pasting the name from Layout set up

2.  Named a field in the first layout "Paid" and used, Go to Object [Object Name: "Paid"] // Also didn't work

3.  Go to Field (in first layout) also didn't work.

Is it just that you cant select a document window when you have floating windows open, or am I just missing something easy/obvious?



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Personally, once I've finished with these viewing/editing windows, I make sure the script closes them. 

In my testing, going to the named Window works (FM13A Mac) - check if the script throws a 112 error at that point.

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Thanks webko!.  I did get the 112 error.  Then stared at it a while and realized in the script I named the window the layout name, and not the actual window name...DOH!!!!

I need the 2 floating windows open because the contain data that needs to be analyzed/adjusted as I look through the imported records.  Good tip in general

Thanks again

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This topic is 2342 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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