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Number format - flummox

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We have a set of databases we've been running without incident for years, though many FMP upgrades - all served up by FMP Server.

With 14 - suddenly I have instances of numeric fields whose display I cannot control - the Inspector seems to have no effect on the number of decimal places, nor can I control percent or currency notation.


We are a consultancy and the file is our timecard, with daily hour totals and reporting ratio of billable and unbillable time.


A summary field to total the hours, and the ratio calculated by dividing that total summary field by another summary field totaling the unbillable hours. The summary field is in the footer.


As I said - I can't control or change the display - number of decimals showing does not respond to the Inspector data/data formatting commands.

Never had this problem before - I feel like I'm missing something right in front of me... Checked the dB file... no corruption. Nobody else on the internet is complaining about this that I can find. So... obviously... it's ME. :-)

Any clues?

Many thanks...

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This topic is 2903 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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