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Can I put more than one image in a SC folder?


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We're wanting to load multiple images for each product onto a product's web page. Our web designer has made provision for this by adding a field in the product_images table for the display_order, eg 1, 2,  3 etc.

I thought it would be convenient for us if we held those additional jpg images in the same folder as the first image which is already there. We'd use distinguishing suffix to the product code that also matches their display order.

Will this have any unintended consequences for the SC server??


John Wolff (Hamilton, NZ)

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Not sure exactly what you're going for, but it is possible to have a structure like this:


Then you could serve them by linking to RawData instead of Files.

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Hi Caleb,

Our internet connection between the web server and our SC server is far too slow for a direct linkage between the product page on the web site and the SC server. We also have a data cap of 100 GB/month. To get around these two restrictions, we have a FileMaker Script which transfers the image (Base64 encoded) to the mySQL table via ESS, then calls a routine which makes the image available for the web page. It works OK for the 4.5K of products that we have on the site:


Since the URLs you've listed refer to multiple files inside the same parent folder, we should be able to proceed with the file structure that I proposed initially. No??



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This topic is 2216 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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