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how to open file from VBA

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webax    0


I try to access to filemaker file from VBA in outlook, with ActiveX automation

When the file is on my local machine, no problems.

Set myOpenFile = FMDocs.Open("c:\myfile.fmp12", "login", "password")

but I can't access to a file with IP adress ...

Set myOpenFile = FMDocs.Open("xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx\myfile.fmp12", "login", "password")

What's wrong ?


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Wim Decorte    443

You can't open a remote file.  The ActiveX interface is limited to local files.  You can however open a local FM file that has a file reference to the hosted file and open it implicitly that way.

You can also use the FMP URL protocol to open a hosted file directly and not bother with the ActiveX interface.

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