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What’s next for GoZync: Worx

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John Sindelar


This weekend, Todd Geist and I took the train up from LA for a 33 hour code sprint and built the start of Worx, the next file for GoZync.

This is a great way to work and we got a ton done.


Todd on the Coast Starlight

Worx is a work orders system for iPad: users in the office assign orders to technicians and those techs “zync” the orders down to their iPads before completing the orders. Orders come down with contact info, maps, and a serious items database capable of browsing and selecting from tens of thousands of items.

Here are some screen shots from the iPad side…


Contact management & maps in Worx on iPad


Item selector in Worx: please forgive the testing data


Selecting items: grid view

…and a short video of the office side showing the virtual list Todd created for our side bar. Nice stuff.


Worx will be available as a ready-to-go solution for

GoZync that you can tie to your own hosted file or use on its own. More soon.

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