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Support Diaries

John Sindelar


Sometimes the hard stuff turns out to be really easy.

It always impresses me that Jason has a way of finding the simplest ways of doing things. For example, when iCal treats a holiday as an all day event, SeedCode can pick that up as a two-day event. A customer asked about how to work around this, changing the iCal parser in SeedCode Calendar Pro.

Jason sent them this screen shot showing how you can more easily teach SeedCode to ignore the end date of the holiday calendar, after the iCal event is parsed. Love it.


Our customer loved it too and posted this on our support forum:

As a new user of Calendar Pro I am very impressed with the simplicity and power of the solution template. I’ve been using & developing in FMP for over a decade; I can’t believe how simple the relationship-table is for Calendar Pro. It’s an example I hope to follow more often in my other Filemaker work.

That’s what it’s all about.

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