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Virtual List

John Sindelar


A lot of folks have been asking for the Virtual List example file we put together with Bruce Robertson, so here it is: VirtualList.zip

This Virtual List technique is part of what make our Calendar fast, and allows FMSearchResults to show records from different tables in the same ‘portal’. We demonstrated some applications of this at DevCon’s Year in Review in 2010 and 2011, showing how this can really speed up FileMaker displays, especially those formatted as columns, grids, or lists.


Todd Geist speaking at SOFA, Nov 2011

Todd Geist has also been speaking about this a lot, including last week in Toronto, where he demonstrated how we’re using it in Worx.

There was a also a great session on Virtual Lists at Pause[x]London. Sample files and recorded presentations here.

Are you using Virtual Lists?

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