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Button Bars for Navigation

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By Matt Petrowsky

Most of FileMaker’s layout objects allow you to easily specify settings directly on those objects. For example, using Button Bars for the purpose of navigation means you can specify which of the multiple segments should be presented as active. Of course, your can also easily target which layout a button click should take the user to without creating a dedicated script.

The problem, however, is that FileMaker systems end up growing ever larger and the evolution process means you’re constantly making changes as you develop the system. Add a segment here, change a Perform Script there, etc.

When it comes to Button Bars, they provide a very simple way of managing multiple buttons. They allow you to use features like the Hide calc and can dynamically display their labels thanks to access to FileMaker’s calc engine.

If you end up with a growing FileMaker solution, and you’re constantly copy/pasting and having to double-click into the Button Setup HUD, then you quickly come across a pain which can easily be avoided.

This video is about decoupling references from Button Bars when using them for the purpose of navigation. If you like the features which Button Bars provide, then knowing their in’s and out’s is certainly critical know-how.


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