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Cleaning Input Data

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By Matt Petrowsky

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Users make mistakes. There’s no doubt about that. When given the opportunity, they’ll enter characters and text strings you never expected.

The easy solution to this problem is to simply control the result of what they’ve input. When capturing the input, there may be a variety of rules regarding how you want the data stored.

Do you want to store “4 pm” or 16:00:00? Is the user entering suffixes such as Jr. or Sr. into the last name field or the first name field? Should the input be super simple for an iPad and just happen within one field?

Making the input process easy, yet conforming to your storage rules is often desirable. So is performance! Do you know the performance impacts of that auto-enter calculation versus simply using a script trigger?

This video is all about cleaning up your data input. As a user adds data to the database, you can take the necessary steps to make sure it’s exactly what you want - the low impact way.


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