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List View Record Jumping

FileMaker Magazine



When developing your solutions for users, you can’t always account for how easy they think things should work. You do your best, but without user testing, they’re essentially stuck with what you initially create. You can, however, put in features which you think will make usability more convenient for them.

Many times, these convenience features can be a bit complicated to implement. Fortunately, with more recent versions of FileMaker, the task of adding in such features has become much easier.

In this video, I showcase a technique for jumping to a given section within a sorted sub-summary list view. I’ve shown this feature in the past, but this implementation is specific to an alphabetical sorting of last names. It can easily be copied into any solution by simply copying one custom function, one script and a few layout elements.

Watch this video if you want a deeper understanding of how to implement this type of functionality into any FileMaker solution. Knowing how to create a recursive custom function and integrating it into useful UI widgets is what this video is all about.

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