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Custom Clickable Calendar Widget

FileMaker Magazine


You like being in control don’t you? Being able to control things exactly as you wish? Well, it’s one of the more addicting qualities of creating solutions quickly within FileMaker Pro.

When you’re working with dates, there are times when the native date picker just doesn’t cut it. You can’t make it larger or smaller, you can’t change its colors, and if you’re on iOS then you’re limited to the default iOS date picker. You’ve got no control.

When a user is choosing a date from a calendar, you should probably have a bit more control. This means you need a calendar widget which is under your total control. In this video I showcase a calendar picker I’ve been using for years and years. In this case, however, I’ve updated it to fit the more modern methods of doing things within FileMaker Pro.

If you’ve ever needed full control over a custom calendar widget then look no further than this video!

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