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Writing Complex FileMaker Calculations

FileMaker Magazine


When you’re faced with creating a complex piece of FileMaker code, you often break the larger problem into smaller parts. It’s always easier to tackle smaller portions of a larger problem. Even when it doesn’t seem like the problem should be that big.

In this video, you’ll discover a lot of good information about how to break a larger problem down into its smaller parts. The problem being solved is extracting all the individual pieces of a US mailing address. There are so many various methods of composing a US address. So, writing a parser in FileMaker specific calculation code can be an interesting challenge.

The video focuses on finding resources and code you can leverage and then integrating that existing code into your own FileMaker code. If you find that learning how to write better FileMaker calculations is something you’ve always been after then this video will have what you need - and more! It’s even got information about testing your FileMaker code to ensure it’s validated and comprehensive.

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