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Google Maps iOS & Parsing URLs

FileMaker Magazine


The number of features available within FileMaker Go on a mobile device is more than icing on the cake. It's just downright cool we have access to so many features. And, all without having to write super complex code.

There is, however, some learning to do when it comes to interacting with URLs and web viewers. It turns out that many web sites, including Google's web based maps site, will change its url as you interact with the web viewer. This causes a problem when you supply an original url to the web viewer and the user expects the same result when clicking on a button which opens the external Google Maps iOS app. The url, which includes needed pieces of information, may vary depending on the interaction with the web viewer.

Fortunately, this video covers all the information you need to know when working with urls and parsing them from either web viewers or from any other location. This video will help you not only interact with the Google Maps iOS application, but also with any other external application which is to be opened from within FileMaker Pro. Need to integrate other iOS apps with your FileMaker Go app? Give this video a view!

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