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Effective Script Writing - Plus Twilio API

FileMaker Magazine


When you first start writing scripts within FileMaker, you're typically so focused on the feature or solution you're working on that you integrate it directly into the area where you're working.

It takes a bit of time and skill, however, to quickly recognize when you need to make a particular script more generalized in nature and treat it like a routine which simply needs to take input and provide some output.

Once you get to this point in your development path, you discover all kinds of opportunities where one script will serve the purpose of many. And, you may find that some of your scripts are in the range of 80 to 90 percent redundant. Possibly varying by only a few lines of code.

In this video, I present a very common pattern for many scripts. Treating them like a function and simply following a format for inbound and outbound data from that script. You'll also find a good number of tips regarding documentation, script composition and the big bonus is that we do this with a script which will give you the instant ability to send out text messages via the Twilio API!

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