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Migrating Themes

FileMaker Magazine


Recently, having had a conversation with a fellow developer about a FileMaker theme potentially causing issues with slow performance, it was asked about how it's possible to update a theme.

Whether you simply want to update existing styles and/or remove and add others, there's only a few critical things you need to remember about updating and migrating a theme. If you can get those few things right, then making any number of updates to your existing theme can be quite easy to accomplish.

The great thing about updating a theme is that it can be accomplished in a completely separate copy of your live file. All you need to do is download the file from FileMaker Server and then make the desired changes/deletions/additions and then simply apply the updated theme onto the previous version. This migration can be done with minimal fuss provided you keep both the theme name and the theme styles named exactly the same.

Needing to update your FileMaker theme for all your layouts? Watch this video if you'd like some insight into how you can go about migrating your theme from an older version to a newer version.

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