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Choosing the Proper Data Storage

FileMaker Magazine


One of the more troublesome questions we ask ourselves as developers is "Am I doing this the right way?". And, while it applies to most all situations, it most certainly applies to data structure.

If you don't structure your data well enough, then you either have to restructure it later, and migrate, or try to solve some of your problems in very odd ways.

Fortunately, the variety of ways you can actually store data presents a lot of options depending on what type of software you need to create. The key is knowing these different ways and choosing one which sets your solution up for success.

All software, over time, becomes outdated. It's like thinking things are all good living in a house built in the early 1900's when everything around you has gained significant improvements. The same applies to software. There are newer and newer ways of doing things. In this video, we take a look at three primary ways of breaking down structured data. We classify the student/teacher subtype as it applies to a person. If choosing how to store your data has always been a tricky question for you then you should find some peace of mind with this particular video.

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