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Multi-Criteria Portal Filtering

FileMaker Magazine


When first using FileMaker's Filter Portal Records feature it's easy to get excited about how you can limit the set of records to exactly what the user needs to see. You start adding a single filter and the result feels like magic. A simple search filter using a global field will let you extra exactly the records you want. It's great!

However, when start adding more and more filters things start to get complicated really fast. You have to become super comfortable with creating complex calculations with a lot of Boolean logic. If you don't know how to use your AND and OR operators, then it can really seem daunting.

In this video we take a detailed look at how to break down a complex multi-filter approach and make it seem really easy to achieve some super advanced portal filtering. If you've ever been confused about making your portals show exactly what the user needs, especially when using multiple filtering vectors, then enjoy the understanding you'll receive from watching this video.

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Another wonderful video.  I'll have to admit I always get a little, let's say 'mad' at myself after watching one of these video when you see Matt solve a problems so easily and eloquently.
I have something like this in my one of my databases that is so involved and convoluted (using a looping script to grab all the sort options into a find) I look forward to picking apart Matt's file to implement Matt's brilliant solution.

Thanks again Matt.


I do have a question.  What does the checkbox in the blue bar 'Name' do?  It just stays lost in the looping script until I escape.


Edit:...of the Edit:  False alarm.  I changed a script to try to get the search box to work like a type ahead, and removed a script step that was causing the problem...all good.


Edited by Steve Martino
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