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Universal Record Marking

FileMaker Magazine


Who doesn't need to mark subsets of records? I've rarely, if ever, worked on a solution which couldn't take advantage of simple record marking. Whether it's for creating a user based subset or simply toggling an active or favorite value.

Marking records is something which should just be standard. So, why not make it both standard and universal. Meaning, you use one single script regardless of whether you're dealing with a current found set of records or a filtered portal - and independent of a specific field.

That's what this video and technique file are all about. Universally marking records within your solution. A small collection of scripts for targeting any given Boolean field and making it so simple and easy that you don't even need to think about it. You just call the one universal utility script and call it a day. Your records are marked - or unmarked.

Looking for a smaller, and easier, FileMaker solution to manage? Then start using utility scripts and make this marking solution one of your go-to recipes.

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