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Efficient File Storage

FileMaker Magazine


Just because you can create container fields doesn't mean you should create them whenever you think you need to store files for a specific table. There are possible solutions which, when implemented creatively, allow you to use one single container field for all of your solution's file storage. True, you may need container fields for other uses, but, when it comes to linking and storing the documents managed within your solution you can get away with one single container field within a single Files table.

In this video, I go over a super simple strategy for managing all of your solution's files within a very efficient storage model. We cover how to identify duplicates and simply prevent them from entering the system. Yet, any given file can be linked to any other record within the whole system.

Beyond this, you gain a very big advantage of being able to use the same scripts and layout elements across the whole solution. By adding a single relationship to any table which needs to manage files, we simply copy a selection of layout elements and then a simple paste get's of most of the way there. Want to know how to accomplish this efficient feat? Just watch the video and follow along with the sample file!

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