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Video: Claris Award goes to the Best FileMaker Hosting Service



The post Video: Claris Award goes to the Best FileMaker Hosting Service appeared first on fmcloud.fm.



🎬 - Video: Claris releases videos of the Claris Excellence Awards.

fmcloud.fm, a division of 1-more-thing, is so proud to receive the #InnovationAward.

Innovation is exactly what makes fmcloud.fm the best #FileMaker hosting service in the world. fmcloud.fm's incredible breakthroughs, including exclusive mastery of the Linux/Docker architecture for FileMaker Server, and an architecture-as-code orientation that allows us to deploy, update, maintain and monitor thousands of servers worldwide.

Today, the server is the heart of the FileMaker #platform. No one should choose their hosting provider lightly or simply “because it works”. Performance, security, compatibility (ESS, Plugins...), but also quality of service and price are all factors that make fmcloud.fm the best choice.

Moreover, it is for these reasons that since the awarding of this prize, it is not only end users who switch to fmcloud.fm but also "competing" services that switch to our infrastructure, on all continents.


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