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Multi-page reports - Page Numbering

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Claris FileMaker is continually adding new features in order to make things easier for developers. In the most recent release of version 19 we found a new function named Get ( PageCount ). This one function essentially emulates the combination of steps we needed to use to determine the total number of printed pages useful for adding a Page X of Y count to the bottom of a printable report. It's available for use within FileMaker Go, which is a big benefit.

However, while the addition of {{PageNumber}} of {{PageCount}} is super helpful, it does not address one of the more common scenarios we find in FileMaker development. That's the situation of a Multi-page report being generated from multiple different layouts. In that scenario we may have a cover page, a summary and then detailed output -all in one PDF report. All this data typically comes from different sets of related data.

So the solution we have above won't work for that type of report. On top of this, one of our standby methods of getting the page count of using the Enter Preview Mode script step simply doesn't function on FileMaker Go or Server. So, we need to create another method of accurately determining Page X of Y. Fortunately, that's what this video and technique file will provide for you. Yet another creative method of solving a common problem within Claris FileMaker. If you need to page number a multi-page report generated from multiple layouts then look no further!

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