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Better User Validations

FileMaker Magazine


One of the key reasons for using a database is having a single source of truth. When the possibility for duplicates enters the equation of "truth" we have a problem.

Dealing with duplicates comes in the forms of cleaning and removing them and preventing them. One of your primary tools for preventing them is to use data validation.

It's simple really. You can only continue to do this unless these conditions are met. Everything must be valid. In Claris Studio/FileMaker your options for setting field level validations can be found within the field's options. Once you've set these options you're leaving it up to FileMaker to handle this for you. To be blunt, it isn't pretty.

You, as the developer, need to take control of the situation and handle the validations in a much more graceful manner. This is where you need to know the implications of the various validation settings and how to take control with a scripted process. This is where you'll learn how to do exactly that. Watching this video will give you the necessary insight to handle your validations exactly how you'd like to.

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