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Populating Web Forms

FileMaker Magazine


When you're dealing with any type of web service which doesn't offer an API for data exchange, you'll inevitably end up working with a web form for getting data into that service. Data has to get in via some method and the most common is your standard web form.

Maybe you need to interact with a Google Form or some other public form service. While some of these services will provide a standard format such as CSV for pulling data out, there are still those services where you need to popuate a web form using your own data.

So, when it comes to moving data in and out of FileMaker, via a web form, you need to use the tools available. The great thing about this situation is that JavaScript is the tool and you have it right there ready for you to use. The humble Web Viewer is your gateway to getting your FileMaker data into a form. This video walks through the JavaScript and setup you need to know in order to interact with pretty much any web form on the web. Learning these valuable tools

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